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The Swan Mark – Explains the ideas behind and use of the black swan as the maker’s mark 

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University of Edinburgh – Information about the Instrument Collections of the University, and about Musical Instrument postgraduate courses in the Music Department

Publications – A list of Darryl Martin’s publications
Online Articles – Various unpublished articles or papers which are available to freely download
            Some thoughts on gut strings.
            Reconstructing an Instrument after a portrait by Jan van Hemessen, Antwerp, about 1530
            Stringed Keyboard Instruments in England to 1630
            The Talbot manuscript - better as it is than the book it never was?
            The Palmer orpharion ; a re-evaluation
            Early English virginals
            Talbot, Mersenne and Praetorius : the uses - and abuses - of historical sources
            English virginal design concepts and pitch standards
            Tension-Free Instruments - The Guitar and Mandolin Designs of Orville Gibson.
            Forward to the past - the reconstruction of historical keyboard instruments
            Design concepts and innovation in London instrument making
Drawings etc. – Details about purchasing Darryl Martin’s thesis and various technical drawings he has made
English virginals – An overview of the surviving English virginals with a discussion about compass and pitch
Talbot manuscript – An overview of the manuscript and what it consists of

Early English Instruments – Describing the various plucked keyboard instruments offered by the workshop
Clavichords – Describing the clavichords offered by the workshop
            Prices and Ordering Information – For the Early English instruments and Clavichords
Gallery – Images of various instruments which have been made by the workshop
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