“The English Virginal”
PhD thesis, submitted to the University of Edinburgh in 2003.  Available on CDR in pdf format.
The pdf files have been taken from the final submitted text and are in two directories, on for each volume of the thesis, ordered as per the original thesis (with the exception of the titles for volume one which are at the bottom of that directory).  Each chapter has its own file ensuring that the reader will not have to download a single enormous file.
Price £15 to the UK, £17 to Europe, £20 elsewhere.

Technical drawing of the Iohannes Hasard 1622 harpsichord (Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent)
This drawing is full size, and includes the relevant PhD entry of the instrument which makes the arguments for the compass and disposition.  The drawing assumes the G’A’-c’’’ compass and 1x10 2/3’ 2x5 1/3’ registration.
The drawing is on paper from the original CAD file.
Price £30 (paper) to the UK; £35 (paper) elsewhere.

Technical drawing of the “van Hemessen” c 1528-9 clavichord.
This drawing is full size based on the realisation by Darryl Martin of the painting.  Included with the drawing is a series of “stick markings” which can be transferred to wood in order to make a “marking-out stick” for the complete instrument.
The drawing is on paper or dimensionally-stable plastic.
Price £20 (paper), £30 (plastic) to the UK; £25 (paper), £35 (plastic) elsewhere.

Please note that prices include postage.