Below are a number of images of various instruments made by the workshop.

van Hemessen clavichord
Views of a reconstruction of the van Hemessen clavichord, with lid decorated as the original (with some parts of the decoration derived from other Flemish motives where they cannot be seen).

Triple fretted clavichords
Two views of triple fretted clavichord in its standard form with a walnut case and pine lid.

Triple fretted clavichord with painted finish in imitation tortoiseshell on the exterior and plain red interior.

Triple fretted clavichord clavichord with various options. This instrument has been extended in the bass to have a chromatic C - c''' compass. The front of the keys have been carved into an "M" shape, and the soundboard have flower decorations on it. The lid is solid walnut rather than the standard pine.

Hubert clavichord
Views of Hubert clavichords.

Friederici clavichord
Two views of a clavichord after Friederici.

Hamburg clavichords
Hass clavichord
Views of Hass clavichord made by Darryl Martin and Lance Whitehead, with chinoiserie and painted soundboard decorated by Jenny Nex.

Gerlach clavichord
Views of Gerlach clavichord. The instrument with the lid painting has been decorated just as the original, the instrument with chinoiserie is decorated identically to the Hass double-fretted clavichord above (decoration by Sheila Barnes).

English Virginals
Views of the reproductions of the "MAR" virginal which was completed in 2002 and “AH” virginal completed in 2005.  Both instruments have been decorated just as the originals (as far as can be determined).

Talbot Harpsichord
Views of the reconstruction of the Talbot manuscript harpsichord, with a G' - d''' chromatic compass.